Yes … a new G2 computer for the TI family for 2017 plus

Yes,  we are getting a brand new TI super G2 computer that is compatible with the TI 99/4a software and beyond. 

The G2 computer project had been kept secret, however the project has been sadly delayed. The TI User Group UK shows you the spec… however we are looking to add an Gigabit Ethernet Controller to the machine so that it can connect to the internet. With this we can add products like the wnce2001 Ethernet wireless adaptor which is a universal self connecting device. If you have any technical knowledge regarding low level ethernet implementation then let us know..

Any way here we go with the spec.

1 ) PEB interface. The board can run in the PEB or stand alone with a disk drive power connector ( allows use in PC case etc ).
2 ) 2 * SD card slots. No VHDL has been created for this yet but the connections are there anyway. may have VHDL we can use.
3 ) 1 * USB connector. No VHDL exists for this but the MSX people have a connection like this so I thought why the hell not !
4 ) IDE interface. Again no VHDL but I’m sure we can ask a certain Mr Nouspikel if we can copy his design. ( Allows 2 drives )
5 ) 64 MB DDR SDRAM for the CPU – this should be enough 😉
6 ) 512KB VRAM. Looks like the 9958 will be used – not the 9938 as there is no mouse interface on the MSX 9938 🙁
7 ) 1 * audio output from the sound generator. Don’t know about speech just yet – can use existing PEB mounted speech if the worst comes to the worst.
8 ) 18 bit RGB output with Hsync and Vsync. Should work on normal VGA monitor. May get SVideo also at some point – depends of FPGA pin count.
9 ) Joystick interface.
10 ) PS2 Keyboard interface.
11 ) PS2 mouse interface. No VHDL for this but doesn’t seem too difficult.
12 ) Centronics PIO interface like RS232 card.
13 ) 9 pin RS232 channel. No VHDL yet.
14 ) Regulators to get 5V, 3V3, and 1V2. 1 Switching regulator used for efficiency.
15 ) 1 config device to program both FPGAs.
16 ) 12MHz oscillator – multiplied internally to get higher frequency operation.
17 ) 21MHz Xtal for video.

Update 13 July 2010 A Ethernet Port has now been added to the computer. However there are still a couple of technical problems that must be over come. However the format will be the standard RJ45 10/100mbps. This will allow things like network printers and the internet to stream to the machine. You will also be able to connect more than one G2 together with perhaps one as a server.

Here are the newly released pictures of the board layouts.
Fig 1 is the complete layout and Fig 2 is Pins and components.  


Fig 1                                                                                          Fig 2


This PCB has been produced by Gary and we are now awaiting further developments as we believe another person is talking about moving the project on with Gary’s help.