For Sale & Wanted

TI Expansion Box


For Sale & Wanted​ section allows anyone to obtain TI-99/4a hardware, software and books. We do not want this computer to die, so we offer this resource to members and non-members at this time. However to get the full TI-99/4a  picture you need to be a member to access lots of other goodies.

If you wish you can offer TI-99/4a items for sale at this site (Buy Purple) which is very much like ebay but much cheaper to use.

You can list items for free.
Types of services are:

  • Classified Adverts – £9.99 for 150 days
  • Buy Now
  • Auction

This site is now free to sell your items, just sign up and sell. Go to the site 


Group For Sale Items
The TI User Group also have a large list of items for sale.
to download the full list please see
here. Please contact David Caine regarding anything for sale as he holds the stock.
​Please remember there will be postage on top of the prices given.

Items wanted:

You may ask to have items wanted placed in this section. You do not need to be a member to use this facility.
​Just use the contact form to send us your request.


Why not have a look at EBAY and see what you can find.